Artist Lorrie Lewis

Sadly, Lorrie Lewis, the artist whose amazing work graces Cuvee’s walls, passed away on November 15, 2022.

Lorrie was a dear, dear friend, and losing her, while devastating, is gradually sinking in. We will continue to celebrate her life and talent by displaying and selling her works of art. We’ll also rotate displays as often as possible. Lorrie was a prolific artist and leaves behind a vast artistic legacy.

If you’d like to view some of her additional paintings, please get in touch with Chef Henry.

– Susan & Chef Henry

Lorrie Lewis was a mixed-media artist and enjoyed emphasizing figurative and non-representational images. Her contemporary and abstract artworks are highly textured and may include acrylic paint, textile, collage, charcoal drawings, and gypsum, on wood and canvas and are created in response to the world through emotion, complexity, and a celebration of her own personal freedoms.  Through her artwork, Lorrie explained that she “strives to gain personal insights and growth by looking at life experiences and the world in ways that are new.”

Throughout her life, she has explored art in many capacities, as a hobby, therapeutic release, and in a former life, she was a well-known water-colorist in the Southwest United States. She said that “over time, my art has challenged me and has changed as I have changed. Each piece evolves through my effort to paint and create through instinct, leaving the outcome to chance.  This work has become my life’s journal in exploring truth;  a metaphor for my life.”

Current Works on Display