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The Story of Henri

Gather round, come one and all… for I have a story to tell that will rivet you to your seat and cast your eyes wide open to the teller. It is a story about wandering, a story about need, a story of communication and a story of clarity. But mostly, it is a story about the human spirit, perseverance, trial and tribulation, and ultimately of the Saving […]

Gilbert or Gilby?

France is famous for its art, literature, fine cuisine and opinionated people like my great uncle Gilbert, or Gilby as I call him.  He was born in the Northeast of France in the Alsace region.   Some things he loved to do as a child were to play le Belon et le Prisonier, which means the ball and the prisoner.  It’s sort of like tag.  His […]

Zagat Survey

America’s Top Restaurants rated Winterborne as “EXTRAORDINARY” in the 2003 Zagat Survey. The reviewers said “Small, cozy,” “unique crab juniper,” “terrific sauteed oysters,” “every entree is special,” “personal attention from the staff”

– America’s Most Prestigious Restaurant Guide!

Chef’s Hall of Fame

Winner, and included in the Chef’s Hall of Fame recipe collection, Winterborne (Gilbert’s restaurant in Portland prior to Cuvee), was recognized as one of the leading North American chefs and restaurants, for culinary superiority, restaurant ambiance, and creativity.

Northwest Palate

The headlines may claim otherwise, but the fact is, there are still plenty of fish in the sea. From salmon to scallops to spot prawns, our trio of tireless dinners – Alicia Arter in Seattle, Diana Abu-Jaber in Portland, and Tim Pawsey in Vancouver, B.C. – have sampled them all, in restaurants great and small. Here’s their treasure chest of seafood gems.

When I tire of the […]


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